Sebastian Fustel

Collaborating companies

Quality assurance


European industrial group with Italian headquarters. They produce all kind of steel for railway industry, shipbuilding, petrochemical, automotive, wind…


German technical product company known worldwide for manufacturing the most used standard tunnel gate inserts in the market.


Italian family firm known internationally for their innovating cooling elements, two stages ejector, standard slides system, technical product and auxiliary machinery.


German manufacturer synonymous of quality and accuracy. Guiding, centering and ejection elements in standard or special measures, as well as technical parts and high precision grounds.


German company manufacturer of date stamps in low and high relief. Theirs standard series are one of the most used worldwide. Special date stamps and markings produced upon request.


German chemical company specializing on the development and manufacture of release agents, corrosion protection, production of cleaning agents, lubricants and special chemicals in all ranges of application for the plastic processing industry.


By technology and experience, Italian companies have always enjoyed an international reputation as a manufacturer of Injection Systems.
Based on these solid foundations and adding a comprehensive behaviour of different plastics materials, IHR has created a range of products that incorporate the latest technological and design innovations in Injections Systems, offering solutions that optimize the plastic transformation process and ensure maximum performance of the mould.