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  • JOST CHEMICALS - the European specialist

    SEBASTIAN FUSTEL offers for this 2016 all product range of the German chemical company JOST CHEMICALS, "the European specialist" in all ranges of application for the plastic processing industry.

    JOST CHEMICALS activity focuses on the development and manufacture of release agents, corrosion protection, production of cleaning agents, lubricants and special chemicals.
    Customer care, consultation and individual problem-solving on site are one of the strengths of JOST CHEMICALS,
    as well as continued research and development of new and better products.


    It is known that the most recurring and onerous problems with the air valves is the jamming and the subsequent filling of them and their air feeding holes. These problems generate long production downtime and costs for the restoration of the mould

    With Balzi air valve the filling problema is definitively excluded and you will just need a routine maintenance to guarantee the best efficiency of the valve.

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    The collaboration between European steel warehouses of Lucchini group is offering excellent results to our customers for large volume of steel blocks. Sebastian Fustel, S.L. as Lucchini sales representative in Spain, is in permanent contact with the other European warehouses of the group. Because of that, we can coordinate and offer the best price and term of European warehouse better positioned at this time.

    We have closed recently several transactions between our Spanish customers and European warehouses belonging Lucchini group, large volume blocks in 1.2738 (from 2500x1400x700 to 800x700x400), coordinated by Sebastian Fustel, S.L., but served and billed directly from the European warehouse.

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    The only system on the market to be able to standardize theirs slides, ensuring FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY and COST REDUCTION.
    The innovative approach in managing the course consists of removing external guides which are replaced by internal cylindrical guides.

    Main features:
    - Unit-composed system for all sizes from 20 to 220 mm;
    - More compact design thanks to the elimination of external guides;
    - Extended guides available without stroke limits;
    - Possibility to apply a special round slide retainer to the cylindrical guides;
    - Coupling of the hydraulic cylinder to the cylindrical guides, lean solution to avoid bulky frames;
    - Spring loaded slide retainer device for the end of stroke in the sliding plates set 12;
    - N.B.: Cylindrical guides and sliding plates available covered with solid antifriction lubricating.

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    We are slowly adding new products to our catalogue for the injection sector, not many but a selection of products which provide the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

    This is the case of the excellent range of products Jost Chemicals, specialist in the formulation of specific chemical agents to get the most out of the moulds in the plastic transformation process.

    Another example is the auxiliary machinery autonomous kits, such as the CDC (descaling circuits test station), used to remove the mould cooling circuit all those calcareous deposits or other impurities that accumulate over time will obstruct the flow of water limiting the cooling capacity in moulding process.

    We also have all kind of common accessories, as our range of cooling components, compatible quick-coupling and multi-couplings, date stamps and their spare parts, etc.

    We also offer a repair service for hot runner systems, whatever the hot runner or nozzle brand.