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Born to unite long experience of its founders in the different sectors of the plastic processing, the passion for creating new and better solutions, transparency in dealing with customs and consistency that must exist among all the factors to achieve optimal results.

Nozzles and hot runner systems

  • Energy saving
  • Low operating pressures
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Quick colour change
  • Interchangeability between open flow and shut-off valve systems on same manifold
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Hot Half

iHR offers its hot half systems as advanced mould interfaces. Integration with a specific project is possible in view of the many requirements that nowadays are becoming increasingly urgent in the world of plastic moulding.

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Control Systems

Economic and versatile temperature controller for injection systems, up to 36 zones.

The latest evolution of controllers with continuous test software. From 32 to 144 zones.

Compact and simple valve gate sequence controller, up to 8 time movements.

Complete and advanced valve gate sequence controller, with percentage or cubic centimetres for the screw position. Up to 12 time movements.

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